Sultana by Remco Sietsema © Anouck Wolf

‘Never before, a cd was released by a Dutch diatonic accordion player at such a high level of musicality (...). The complex rhythmic finesses, the power of the arrangements, the management of the accordion and the band's compassion [stand] at unprecedented height.’ 

(Diatonic Newspaper about Sultana, Sept 2017)


About Remco Sietsema

Actor, musician and composer

Remco Sietsema (1986, Delfzijl) graduated as an actor at the Amsterdam School for Drama & Contemporary Music Theatre, and is a professional musician, with the diatonic accordion as his specialty.

Remco played in many (musical) theater productions, including Kamp Holland and Alice in Wonderland by Orkater, and Retour Hollandse Spoor and Koninginnenacht by Het Nationale Toneel. He also appeared in several children's theatre productions, such as 101 Dalmatiërs (Bos Theaterproducties), Dik Trom (Rick Engelkes Producties) and Alleen op de Wereld (Maas td). In 2014, he played the role of Songman in the internationally successful musical production War Horse (Stage Entertainment) and in the summer of 2017 he played in the KinderParade production Pikefel by MaxTak.
In 2017/2018 he starred in the musical production De Marathon (Senf Theaterpartners & Kemna Theater in co-production with Luxor Theater Rotterdam) and in the second season of the VARA television series Hollands Hoop

In the summer of 2018 he again performed in a KinderParade production with MaxTak; Kwispelsteertje.
Last year Remco played accordion and bass guitar in All Stars the musical (MORE Theater Producties) and finished  for Hollands Hoop 3 (aired 2020).
He is currently composing and rehearsing for another MaxTak production; Het best bewaarde geluid ter wereld

Remco plays numerous instruments, but the diatonic accordion is his specialty. He played and composed in various formations, such as The Tunes and Meral's Harem, and is currently focusing on his band and solo projects. He is a frequent (guest) musician in various genres and regularly hosts workshops, master classes and private and group lessons. Together with his band and often solo as well, he plays in concert halls and at festivals in Holland and abroad.
He combines many styles, from funky world music to jazzy reggae and folk. Think of intimate songs that suit cold winter nights, but especially think of very danceable and uplifting music, that make a summer night feel endless. With his music, he shows the versatility and appeal of the diatonic accordion.

In 2017 he released his debut album Sultana. Not only Remco self can be heard on this album. His regular band members Max Sombroek (guitar), Ian Rijksen (drums), Janos Koolen (guitar and mandolin) and Xander Vrienten (bass guitar), plus guest musicians Simone Bottasso (diatonic accordion), Joost van Es (fiddle) and Beppe Costa (triangle) play a very important part at this album.



Remco Sietsema's debut album Sultana came out in September 2017. 

Listen to it on Spotify and iTunes or order a hard copy (€ 15,00, ex. tax and shipping costs).

Remco Sietsema | diatonic accordion
Ian Rijksen | drums, percussion
Max Sombroek | acoustic guitar, electric guitar
Xander Vrienten | bass guitar
Janos Koolen | mandolin, banjo, acoustic guitar, electric guitar 

Beppe Costa | triangle
Joost van Es | fiddle
Simone Bottasso | diatonic accordion

Compositions and arrangements by Remco Sietsema
Produced by Remco Sietsema and Max Sombroek
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Max Sombroek
Photography by Anouck Wolf
Graphic design by Lowtone
Pr and production by WildChild Agency
Published by Remco Sietsema
Sultana is dedicaded to Fridus Kroon


Het best bewaarde geluid ter wereld

Muziek uit de voorstelling Het best bewaarde geluid ter wereld
van MaxTak (2020)

compositie, muziek, zang | Remco Sietsema
zang | Roos van Erkel
tekst | Sanne Schuhmacher

De wereld zit vol geluiden. Je smakkende broertje, je vader die zingt onder de douche, de wind die ritselt in de struiken. Hoe klinkt een botsing van twee slakken eigenlijk? Is het geluid van een drukke kermis nou vrolijk of juist irritant? Je komt erachter in Het best bewaarde geluid ter wereld van MaxTak! Een opgeruimde familievoorstelling over heldhaftige binnenblijvers en bange helden. Vol livemuziek en liedjes, achtervolgingen en geluiden (en mensen) die de weg kwijt zijn.
Première 22 februari 2020, tournee door het hele land t/m 17 mei 2020 (afgelast i.v.m. corona).


Tour dates

  • Feb 2 - May 17 2020 | Het best bewaarde geluid ter wereld | MaxTak | Div. locations and times (on hold/cancelled due to Covid-19)

  • Summer 2020 | HAIM | Stg. Peerd Groningen | De Eemshaven | Dates tba (on hold/cancelled due to Covid-19)



  • Nov 30 2019, 11 Jan, Feb 8, March 7, April 4 2020 | Amsterdam (NH) | OPEN

  • Dec 7 2019, Jan 4, Feb 1, Feb 29, March 28 2020 | Aldeboarn (FR) | FULL 

  • Dec 14 2019, Jan 18, Feb 15, March 14, April 18 2020 | Veldhoven (NB) | FULL

    Note: all workshops are on hold/cancelled due to Covid-19. 

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